Where the modeler, only with a little water and plaster, is going to design, build, assemble the models and make the molds of production.


At the origin of the creation of colors and enamels, the laboratory also has the responsibility of the quality control of products at each stage of the production process.

raw materiels

Kaolin, feldspars, sands and clays, will be skillfully measured, then mixed and purified to make barbotines and enamels.


It is at this manufacturing stage that products will appear, taken out of molds, they will then be finished, furnished, washed then dried before undergoing their first firing.


The enameling consists in depositing a thin layer of crushed glass compounds on products, which, by melting during the firing, will make the products completely waterproof. It will also give the product’s color, which can vary according to the mixture of coloring agents and times and atmospheres of the firing.


For a ceramic product completion, the decoration allows to affix decorations, done by hand or by printing. Some decorations are realized with precious metals, as gold or platinum, and after an ultimate firing, they will become integral with enamel.