Manufacture de Longchamp

Some people would say that, to make china, you need some very pure kaolin, very flux sands, transparent enamels, colorful colors, orangey flames, a lot of patience, colossal energy …

But not only!

Because this profession would be nothing, without the learning of the skills, the exchange of experiences, the exempt advice, lavished tricks. Without all these inventives technicians, all these creative artists, without their professionalism, their passion, their control of art: nothing is possible.

Thanks to them this ancestral factory can be proud of a French exceptional china making, the mix of tradition and creation.

Thanks to: Daniel for his spotless china, Frank for his colorful enamels, the Xaviers for their varied colors, Cécile for his chiseled drawings, Rémy and Michel for their adjusted molds, Bruno for his colored decorations, Elda for her dexterity, and all the others ... with whom the adventure begins, begins again, continues

You will not buy a plate you will offer yourselves a work of art, excellence and friendship.

To André

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